Additional Information About Comedian Nathan Donovan's Comedy Career

Like comedy greats Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, and Abraham Lincoln. Nathan Donovan hails from central Illinois. Springfield to be exact. Growing up Nathan was constantly told  "You're so funny you should do stand up!". But Nathan's first attempts at comic relief was not on stage but owning a comic book shop at the age of 18.  After 2 years the comic book shop went belly up and Nathan decided it was time to move to a big city.  New York City to be exact.     Just like Abraham Lincoln only 143 years, 2 months, 15 days before (to be exact) Nathan boarded a train heading east and said "You'll have to put a bullet in my head to get me back to this town".

It wasn't until almost 10 years later after Nathan moved to San Diego for Comic Con (here is an interview on PBS elaborating his move and love for Comic Con) that he finally gave into all the people telling him "You're so funny you should do stand up!" and he went on stage at The American Comedy Company January 16th be exact.

Nathan proved all those people right that he should do stand up. He quickly moved from an open-micer and only after 3 months he started getting booked for shows at Madhouse Comedy Club, The Comedy Palace, and became one of The American Comedy Company's "ACC's Own" where you'll see him regularly host SoCal's biggest open mic with 150 to 200 people regularly.

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